Swift One Card


From July 1 2015, if you are a member of a public library that is part of the Swift Library Consortium in Victoria, your library card will become a “Swift One Card” and may be used to borrow items, request holds for pickup and pay outstanding bills at any public library branch that is part of the Swift Consortium network.

What are the benefits of a Swift One Card?

  • Borrow and return items from over 100 libraries across Victoria.
  • Gain improved access to collections.
  • No need for multiple library cards filling your wallet.
  • Take care of fees/fines at any participating library.

So no matter where you travel throughout Victoria – whether you are holidaying along the Murray, visiting regional centres like Ballarat, or spending time in the City - you are sure to find a Swift One Card library nearby.

Swift logo Frequently asked questions

Do I need to replace my existing library card?

  • No. As a member of a Consortium library, you can use your existing library card.

What if I have cards from more than one library?

  • If you have multiple library cards from different libraries, you will be asked which card will be your primary membership for borrowing. You only need one card for borrowing, and the others can be made inactive. Library staff will be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

Do all libraries have the same loan periods and rules?

  • Each library service sets its own loan periods, rules for borrowing and fine rates for overdue material. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules of the libraries that you borrow from.

Can I access e-books and online services with my Swift One Card?

  • Each library has its own e-book subscriptions and online services, and due to licensing restrictions can only make those resources available to members registered at that library. If you want to access those services from a library other than your “home” Library, you can ask for an additional ONLINE membership from the library with the e-resources you wish to access. Online members cannot borrow, but can make use of internet services and register for that particular library’s e-book collection.

Will these changes effect the privacy of my existing library membership?

  • Your privacy will continue to be protected. Staff at any given Swift library will only access your membership record if you choose to borrow or use your membership at that library. Your record will only be accessed in order to manage your transactions, and will not be made available to any third party without your consent. At all times, Swift operates in accordance with State and Commonwealth Government privacy regulations.

How do I know if my library is a Swift One Card library?

  • Ask staff, or look for the Swift One Card sign:

We are a One Card Library

  • Check the interactive map below to find your nearest Swift One Card library branch or mobile library stop:

Swift Libraries - Branch Libraries

Swift Mobile Libraries - Mobile Library stops

All participating libraries are committed to safeguarding your privacy in accordance with State and Federal legislation.