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Consortium Objectives & Protocols

The Swift Library Consortium endorses and works towards the realisation of the "Vision" of the Victorian Ministerial Advisory Council on Public Libraries and Public Libraries Victoria Network.

To achieve this, a number of objectives and protocols have been agreed to and developed which all member libraries abide by.

Shared Catalogue

The primary objective of the Consortium is to provide member libraries with a single Library Management System and shared bibliographic database. The key principles of the shared database are:

  • A single bibliographic record for each title of the same format (normal print. large print, audiobook, etc), wherever possible. Multiple editions of a work may be added to the one bibliographic record, thus limiting duplication.
  • Shared cataloguing standards, which must be adhered to by all member libraries. Libraries may modify any bibliographic record in accordance with those standards, but may only add, edit or delete their own copies attached to records.


Access to Collections

Any item available for loan at a member library is available to the patrons of any other member library, except where agreed by the Consortium. Exceptions may include school course material, specialist collections such as toys or equipment, etc.

Protocols for making collections available include:

  • Patrons may place holds on any Library's available items via the online catalogue.
  • The patrons of a given Swift Library have priority over their library's items.
  • Each Library may circulate requested items in accordance with their own local circulation rules.
  • Patrons may return any Swift Library item to any participating Swift Library.


Global and Local System Policies

In addition to the standardised cataloguing procedures, any system policy, configuration or protocol which may affect all member Libraries must be agreed to by the Consortium as a whole.

There are, however, a wide range of "local" policies which Libraries may develop and maintain according to their local needs. These include:

  • Circulation rules (including loan periods and fines)
  • User profiles for patrons
  • OPAC environment


The MAC Vision

The Ministerial Advisory Council (MAC) on Public Libraries and Public Libraries Victoria Network (PLVN) have developed a long term strategy for public libraries in Victoria based on the following vision that must be supported by an integrated library management system and associated services.

Our vision is that The Library will be your consistent partner throughout your journey of life long learning acting as a broker and trusted guide to a wealth of valuable content.

Our vision is that The Library is seen by decision makers as one of the most important and effective investments in building an innovative state with caring communities.

As we progress through life our motives for interacting with libraries changes, so also does the access that we have to a library’s services, for example, when we graduate from college we may no longer have access to the resources of the college library.

The vision is to bring together all of these disparate interactions and to give the user a consistent and coherent interaction that will stay with them throughout their life long journey. It will provide access to all of the Libraries resources throughout the user’s life.

At each stage of the journey the user’s experience of The Library will be personalised to best support their current needs. The user will access My Library, which will grow and change with them but will always be a point of access to The Library.

Whilst schools, colleges, institutes, universities, professional bodies societies and clubs etc., all play a critical role in the journey of life long learning, our vision is that The Library is the one consistent organisation that is with them from beginning to end.

The Library will open the door to an unbelievable wealth of authoritative content resources and information services; acting as a trusted partner in guiding the user through the maze of information and knowledge discovery.


The Swift Library Consortium endorses these principles and endeavours to meet the objectives of the MAC Vision.